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Fastest solar install ever?! Pink Energy sets record

Pink Energy prides itself on installing our customers’ solar projects as quickly as possible. That’s because we understand the excitement they feel in having the chance to lower their electric bills. So, let us introduce you to Lancaster, Ohio, resident Eric Haddox, whose system was installed by Pink Energy just three days after he signed […]

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July 30th, 2020 | By Chad McComas

Behind the scenes: Commercial shoot with Barry Sanders

Pink Energy is well known for its commercials, whether it be with our multitude of sports partners or with the Detroit Youth Choir, whose vocals have provided the soundtrack of our memorable “Let The Sunshine In” campaign. Our next great commercial comes from the opportunity to partner with former Detroit Lions star and Pro Football […]

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July 27th, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

Pink Energy rises on 2020 Top Solar Contractors list

Pink Energy loves to showcase that we are Building A Movement (BAM!) of solar energy across America. Our movement is now in 10 states, up from six at the start of 2019, which speaks to the tremendous growth of our company. Not surprising then, but nevertheless very exciting for us, is seeing our latest rise […]

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July 21st, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

Will solar power work after a hurricane?

Hurricanes are part of life for anyone living in the southeastern U.S. And for those who live in the coastal regions of states such as Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, you may wonder whether solar panels will work after a hurricane. Or whether solar panels can withstand the winds and rain of […]

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July 13th, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Yes. That’s the short answer. We’re here to tell you why. Residential solar panels can reduce your monthly energy costs, but there’s more to it than that. Solar energy is an investment. To show you the true value of solar, we had our experts compile a list of the top 4 reasons why solar panels […]

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July 2nd, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

Pink Energy honored to work on Military Makeover home

DACULA, Georgia — Pink Energy is a huge supporter of the military, so the opportunity for us to be part of another season of Military Makeover, airing on Lifetime TV, two years after making our first appearance was a no-brainer. Filming for the latest Makeover took place recently in suburban Atlanta, at the home of […]

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July 1st, 2020 | By Roger Kuznia

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